Raunalyn's Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 11 and 12

My god is stronger. He is the everlasting sky! Your god lives underneath him.

That night, the group moves upstairs, working their way back toward the areas they have not investigated yet. They begin going room by room, hoping to catch the remaining monks while they are resting. They run into a large group of Duergar, who then proceed to wake the rest of the monks within the monastery. Soon, the group is surrounded on all sides in a narrow hallway, fighting off Duergar, monks, and the last of the Earth guards and one final Earth priest.

After defeating them, the group returns to Hommlet with the prisoners. There, they resupply and discuss their next steps. They learn the Jaroo went to go discuss matters with a circle of druids in the Kron hills. The high priest at the Temple of St. Cuthbert, Terjon, promises to send word to Verbobonc to let them know about the reawakening of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Meanwhile, the group decides to return to Feathergale Spire to tell them of the success of their mission to clear out the monks at the Sacred Stone Monastery. Even though they know that the Feathergale Knights are likely nefarious, the group decides to continue their deception in the hopes that they will be able to gather further information about the inner workings of the various temples.

Meroska is impressed with their victory and asks the group if they would like to join the knighthood. The group declines, asking to have time to consider. Meroska then asks them to at least meet with Aerisi. The party agrees.

The following day, Meroska takes the lot of them down into the Sighing Valley to a place called Knifepoint Gulley. There, they descend a long crevice, eventually emerging into a large, underground cavern. A massive waterfall can be heard crashing in the distance, and the group can just make out a massive dwarven city before them.

Winding their way through the streets while being led by Meroska, the party hears screaming in the distance. Meroska explains that some spies were capture, Kenku, and that they were in the process of learning what the spies know. As they pass a cluster of obelisks, the group sees several people strapped to the large stones. Each of them looks to be starving, and Meroska says that they displeased Aerisi, and that they are now trying to show their devotion to the Prophetess by subsisting only on air.

Eventually, they arrive at a large pyramid. Within, several robed forms sing, and two large stairwells reach upward into the area above. There, they find a long room. On either side are long curtains, behind which the group can see several men and women reclining in the strange smelling incense that permeates the room. On the far end of the room is a throne, upon which sits an elven woman of cold beauty. Long lustrous black hair, covered with valuable jewelry, the woman dispassionately watches the party approach. As they reach the foot of the stairs that lead to the woman’s throne, she leans forward, and they can see two large, beautiful wings spread out behind her.

“Who do you bring before me Meroska?”

The Knight Commander explains that the party is responsible for the defeat of the Sacred Stone Monks and wish to join the Feathergale Knights. Ciandara interrupts and corrects him, saying that they are still considering and only wished to meet the prophetess. Aerisi mentions that she is pleased with their prowess and offers to reward the group if they are willing to finish off the Earth temple, defeating their leader, a man named Marlos Urnrayle.

After agreeing, Aerisi says that she will provide a few air priests to assist them, and then tells Meroska to provide the party with hippogriff mounts. Finally, she dismisses them.

Arriving back to the surface, Meroska looks disappointed that the party was unwilling to join the temple, but provides them with the required mounts. As they prepare to head out, he tells them to head back to the Spire when they are ready to begin their assault on the Earth temple.

The group decides to see if they can find where Jaroo is, and using their new mounts, they fly carefully over the Kron hills. Eventually, they see a large camp to the north. Several bonfires surround a small tower under construction with a large wicker man before it.

The group dismounts and begins to ask around, meeting several druids. The druids offer the group food, brandy, and some righteous herb if they want to hang out. They also mention that Jaroo was around somewhere. The druids of the Scarlet Moon are preparing for a great ritual that would help right the elemental imbalance.

The group continues on, heading to a few more camps. Eventually, they arrive at a bonfire that has several robed forms sitting before it. At the edge of the fire light, several worgs watch casually. As Alexander attempts to speak with the robed figures, he catches a glimpse of a bestial face beneath the cowl of the robe. As he steps back in startlement, the robed figures pull out weapons, and the disguised bugbears attack.


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