Raunalyn's Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 9

Umber Hulk SMASH!!!!

Sulannus and Ciandara assist Gilbane in donning the pilfered stone armor. Meanwhile, Alexander and Graeyd drag the guard’s body behind the stone pillar.

Gilbane makes his way upstairs, dropping the visor on the helmet. Soon, he encounters the second guard, who offers him a cup of ale. Nodding with thanks, Gilbane follows the guard downstairs into the waiting ambush of the rest of the party. Between the five of them, the guard is soon down. Graeyd takes the stone breastplate and hands Gilbane the second Morningstar. Thus armed, the group then debates on what to do next.

While the rest of the group debates, Alexander notices that the cage with the Umber Hulk likely has a switch nearby that will open the cage. Gilbane remembers seeing a lever upstairs directly above the location of the cage. Revealing this knowledge to the group, the party tests to see if the blinded Umber Hulk can smell the dead body of the guard. Realizing that it can, the group devises a plan that could help even the odds.

Dragging the bodies upstairs, the group leaves a trail of blood leading from the stairs and all the way to the nearby kitchen, dropping one body close to the stairwell, and the second near the door to the kitchen. Then, the group waits outside in the garden while Sulannus and Ciandara open the cage using the lever upstairs. They immediately bolt outside, closing the door. Then they wait.

Within an hour, they begin hearing faint shouts. With their distraction now in place, the group begins searching the eastern wing of the monastery for their equipment.

They soon find a small dojo where the monks likely train. Seeing that it’s empty, the group takes several spears and clubs in the chance that they will run into anyone who might be patrolling.

Gilbane remains disguised, moving from room to room investigating. He enters a small library where a small group of monks is quietly working. Pretending to be a guard, he warns the monks to stay in the library; there are several armed invaders attempting to kill all of the monks, and that an armed group is currently looking for said invaders. He wants the group to remain here and lock the doors behind him in case the invaders head this way. The monks in the library readily agree.

The group continues along the southern portion of the monastery, making their way west, doing their best to avoid the area where the kitchen lies. Gilbane moves ahead, finding the front foyer, which is guarded by two monks wearing gold masks. Again pretending to be one of the guards, Gilbane asks the monks if they have seen the intruders, and heads to the door to the west. As he moves past the 2nd monk, he immediately attacks, signaling for the rest of the party to rush in and take the second monk. The monks, surprised, don’t even get the chance to fight back.

Ciandara suggests that they take the monks’ robes and masks. She and Alexander quickly disguise themselves, and then she, Gilbane, and Alexander continue searching.

Soon, they find the room where their equipment is being held. Gilbane stands out in the hallway on watch while the party re-equips themselves.

Soon after, a group of monks enters the hallway, helping to drag an injured companion to a nearby room. Apparently, the umber hulk was able to do a good bit of damage before it was taken down. As they move into the infirmary, Gilbane and the party attack.

The battle doesn’t last long. The party, now fully equipped, is able to swiftly take out the injured monks, as well as the reinforcements who show up from an adjoining room.

Finally, out of spells and injured, the party withdraws, hoping to finish off the last of the monks and explore downstairs. Perhaps there, they will find further clues about the missing delegation.

The group is now 4th level.


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