Raunalyn's Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 13

Ah, I love the smell of burning wolf hair in the morning...

In the midst of their battle, druids from the nearby camp rush to the bonfire that the group is fighting around to see what’s happening. Realizing that the party has the situation in hand, and recognizing the bugbears and worgs, they make sure to stay clear of the battle.

Soon after their victory, the companions move west, keeping themselves away from the central tower. There, they encounter a young woman playing a fiddle with two sprites that dance wildly above the bonfire. After brief introductions, the fiddler asks if the group would like to stay and celebrate. Ciandara politely asks if she’s seen Jaroo, and she mentions that she knows he’s around somewhere, but doesn’t know where he’s at. She says that the circle of druids here are fairly new and that they are known as the Circle of the Scarlet Moon. They did a general call to all of the druids in the area so that they could assist with a grand ritual. Sulannus asks if she knows what this ritual is for, and the woman frowns thoughtfully.

“It does seem that the ritual is taking some time, doesn’t it? I mean, the burning man up there has been burning for two days now. And how is it that I’ve never heard of this Rite of the Wicker Giant? It’s supposed to balance the elements, whatever that means, but I’ve never heard of it…”

Thanking the woman, the group moves over toward the central camp.

As they approach, they notice that the central tower has wooden scaffolding that ascends from the ground and 30 feet up. Two guards roam the upper scaffolding. Not too far from the burning wicker man, two robed forms quietly pray toward the burning figure, one man, one woman.

As soon as they get closer, they hear the woman intone, “Arise, and cleanse this place of the unworthy!” The male turns and looks at the group, telling them that they don’t belong here before he attacks.

As the party struggles to defeat the two robed humans, the guards on the towers begin raining crossbow bolts down upon them. The woman again cries, “Arise, and cleanse this place of the unworthy!” before the combined attacks of Sulannus, Graeyd and Gilbane take her down.

Seeing his companion fall, the male yells, “Arise, and cleans this place of the unworthy!” before falling to Alexander and Ciandara.

The wicker giant comes to life…at least the fire does. The elemental immediately begins to attack the group. Graeyd, realizing that he can is the most resilient against the elemental’s attacks, steps forward to attack.

Meanwhile, rangers from the nearby camp make it to the central tower. Seeing the group attacking the robed forms and the fire elemental, the rangers shift into werewolves and attack.

Graeyd stays in front, doing his best to take the brunt of the elemental’s attacks. He moves back, hoping that the elemental will also attack the two werewolves, and the party is pleased to discover that it does. Now a three way battle, the group desperately tries to kill off the werewolves before they can harm or injure anyone, all while the elemental attacks Graeyd and the werewolves. Unfortunately, before the werewolves are taken down, one of them bites Sulannus.

Now that the werewolves are dead, the group moves away from the tower, trying to get away from the archers. The elemental chases them, and Graeyd remains up front to keep it from attacking his group. Gilbane runs to ask for help from the other druids, and Sulannus, Ciandara, and Alexander attempt to whittle the creature down. Eventually, the druids from several camps rush in to assist with the attack, and together, the group is able to defeat the elemental.

Realizing that the Circle of the Scarlet Moon is likely a front for the Fire Cult, the group discusses what their next steps will be.


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