Raunalyn's Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 10

After their rest, the group re-enters the monastery to finish cleaning it out. Realizing that they have yet to find the prisoners they are looking for, they decide to descend to the lower level of the monastery and clear it. Alexander and Sulannus climb down into the courtyard so that they can open the barred door to the garden. Immediately, they are attacked by two gargoyles. While Sulannus struggles to hold them off, Alexander runs deeper into the monastery to open the barred doors and let the rest of the party in. As soon as he’s able to, Gilbane rushes to assist Sulannus, noticing that the Gargoyles are completely ignoring him. He then gets the idea to command the gargoyles to return to their perches, and they immediately back off.

To the north of the courtyard, they can hear some type of ceremony going on in the main chapel. Knowing that the majority of the monks and priests will likely be in there, they decide to leave it alone for now and continue their investigation.

Upon descending a set of stairs near the Abbess’s old quarters, they enter a small guard room. 3 orogs and one ogre reside here. The lead orog asks for the password, and Gilbane sets his fingers into a triangular shape (the symbol of the Earth temple). The orog nods and moves back. It’s at this moment that the party attacks.

The orogs are extremely skilled opponents. Alexander uses the surprise to attempt an assassination, gravely wounding one of the orogs. However, he is soon surrounded by the one he attacked and a second one, and together they are able to knock him unconscious.
Meanwhile, Gilbane, Graeyd and Ciandara quickly dispatch the ogre, then with Sulannus, they turn their attention to the remaining enemies. Now that they are able to focus their fire, they are able to quickly dispatch the three orogs and heal Alexander from his wounds.

Soon, they discover the prison cells. Using the key they found on one of the orogs, they release the prisoners; twenty or so human males and females, all cruelly emaciated and ragged…and one dwarf. Ciandara and Graeyd recognize him as one of the delegates who were heading to Verbobonc, one Bruldenthar.

Bruldenthar explains that the delegation was ambushed just a few days south of Hommlet. He and several other delegation members were then dragged toward the Kron hills by the earth cultists, who were ferried up the Velverdyva river by water cultists. Soon after reaching the hills, they were ambushed by bandits on giant flying vultures. The bandits captured the elven delegate, Deseyna Norvael, and escaped. Bruldenthar and the rest of the delegates were brought here. The dwarf remained here to work the mines while the other two delegates, Rhundorth and Teresiel, were taken below to an unknown fate. The dwarf tells the party that there is a gate to the northwest that opens to a staircase that descends further down.

The group frees the prisoners, helping them upstairs and showing them where to escape the valley where the monastery rests. On their way back inside, they run into a small group of monks. Soon after dispatching them, they again descend, slowly winding their way through the lower levels, the maze-like mines (which Graeyd notes have absolutely no valuable ore), and eventually find the gate that Brundelthar mentioned.

Using the key they found on the Abbess, they open the gate. Graeyd notices that the stonework here is much older than the mines, and that it looks to be similar to the stonework that the party found in the tomb beneath Hommlet. Noting this, the group decides to wait on going further down and finish clearing out the monastery.

Moving east, they eventually find an old crypt. Within, several zombies awaken and attack the party and are quickly dispatched. The group searches the area and eventually find a ring on one of the corpses that turns out to be a Ring of Resistance.

Realizing that the lower level of the monastery is now clear, they begin discussing plans on clearing out the upper level.


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