Raunalyn's Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 4

The Tomb of Moving Stones

Hoping to get more information regarding the tomb, the party seeks out Jaroo Ashstaff, only to learn that he’s gone on one of his many journeys. Realizing that Elmo is still in the midst of finding more information for the group, they decide that it’s time to investigate the tunnel beneath the Stone Mason’s home.

Moving through the tunnel, Graeyd recognizes the stonework as being Dwarven made, and quite ancient. Eventually, the group comes to an intersection; a passage north, south, and one that continues east. Investigating the south passage, they come to a privy, so they decide to search the north passage next.

They emerge in a room that reeks of death. Three corpses, likely human, lie in the middle of this room. Around them, several large rats chew on the remains, hissing as the group approaches. The party quickly dispatches the rats and searches the corpses. There’s very little of interest, though one corpse has a strange symbol carved in its forehead…a symbol that Alexander recognizes as one that he found when his family was attacked many years ago.


The passage curves back to the east, and the group emerges into a room with a single rock floating in the very center. Thinking it’s a trap, Sulannus begins to carefully investigate. Meanwhile Gilbane pokes at the floating stone, finding it’s ordinary. Eventually, they discover that the stone is resting on an invisible pedestal. Finding no reason for this odd occurrence, the group moves on.

The passage moves south, and the group emerges into a large square room. In the very center, a statue of a dwarf rests. Around the statue is a circle of dirt and pebbles, and a pile of coins, gems, and a dagger rests just outside of the circle to the north. Investigating, the group finds an inscription:

Petrified Gray (?) Dwarf
Found 578 CY in Hommlet West Quarry
in broken condition

The statue looks to be held together by an elaborate wooden frame. The party takes the coins, gems and dagger (a magical dagger that has the word Reszur on the hilt. It makes no sound when it strikes, and speaking the word causes the dagger to emit a dim light out to 10 feet…Alexander snatches this up pretty quickly).

Two other doors (other than the one they entered from) lead from this room; one to the east and one to the west. The group heads west first, back toward the entrance to the tombs. Within, they find a large, rectangular stone in the middle of the room. Opposite the door they are entering is another door where a half orc sits. The half-orc is looking through a narrow slit out into the hallway to the west. When he hears the party, he is very much surprised, shouting, “You should not be here. You have to go!” as he stands up.

Gilbane rushes forward, grappling the half-orc and quickly pinning him to the ground. The party moves to grab his weapons and bind him while they investigate the room.

On the other side of the strange stone, the group sees a young boy, about eleven years old, who is lying flat on his back. Heavy stones pin his arms and legs down, and he looks to be hungry and dehydrated. Sullanus and Ciandara work to free him, offering him food and water while they talk.

The boy introduces himself as Braelen Hatherhand, the son of Baragustas. Braelen tells the group that he was being disobedient, so his father, a member of The Believers, placed him here as punishment. The Believers are a secret group made up of some of the most important people in town. They guard the moving stones, and make sure no one disturbs the Delvers, who are entombed here. The Believers watch the moving stones carefully, because it’s a bad sign when they move, and they have to figure out what it means to avert danger. He mentions several other prominent townsfolk that belong to the Believers.
After freeing the boy, encouraging him to go see Constable Elmo, the group turns their attention to the half-orc. He tells them his name is Grund, and it’s clear that he isn’t very bright. Grund’s job was to watch the hallway to the west; anyone not wearing one of the Believer cloaks would have a cage dropped on him. The group decides that Grund is really quite harmless, so they let him go.

The group then turns east, past the room with the petrified dwarf, and find a small room with a single man within. The man, seeing a group of well-armed adventurers, immediately surrenders. He introduces himself as Baragustas and begs the group not to invoke the wrath of the Delvers by entering the room to the east. He explains that the Believers can only enter the room at night, and that they look to see if the Delvers have moved any of the stones within. If the stones have been moved, then it means that the Delvers are trying to warn the Believers, and that danger will soon be coming. He explains that an Earth Priest, Larrakh, helps them determine the meanings behind the moving stones.

Sullanus, ignoring the man’s pleas, enters the eastern room.

Within is an enormous chamber with numerous stone monoliths scattered across the floor. Along the walls are several stone benches with skeletal remains atop them. In the center of the room is a single lit lantern. As the party moves into the chamber, they are attacked by a man wearing stone armor.

The Earth Priest is a fearsome opponent, and what follows is an epic showdown with the party and a single, powerful enemy. At one point, Larrakh casts a spell that brings down Graeyd, nearly killing him. Fortunately, Ciandara is able to heal him quickly. Larrakh, realizing that he is outnumbered, tries to run, only to be brutally killed by one of Sullanus’s arrows.

The party begins searching the room. However, after a few moments, six more figures burst into the chamber and attack. Gilbane is almost immediately knocked unconscious. Ciandara, realizing that the circumstances are dire, steps forward and calls on Pelor, hoping that his wrath will smite her enemies. The resulting explosion of light kills five of the six enemies, and Sullanus’s arrows kills the final one.

The party finds a small hidden door to the south-east that leads out of the tomb and decides to head up to talk to Elmo, letting him know what they’ve discovered.


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