Raunalyn's Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 3

There's a hole in the ground, and I don't wanna go in.

The group begins searching through the Necromancer’s cave, looking for clues as to his identity and his purpose. Eventually, they discover his notes, discovering that he was the one funding the bandits so that they could provide him with bodies. With those bodies, he was going to create a nation of undead, with himself at its head. All to the glory of the Eye!

Finding little else, the group heads back to Hommlet. By this time, it’s evening, and they decide to head to the Inn of the Welcome Wench in the hopes that the Halfling they met at the quarry would be there. Finding him in a secluded corner, they ask him about the strange men in the stone masks. He informs them that he has observed his boss disappearing behind the stonemason’s home; the same place that he suspects the men with the stone masks are coming from.

The group waits until early morning to investigate, getting some much needed rest after their trials at Lance Rock. Several hours before dawn, they head to the stonemason’s home. After a short search, they are able to find a tunnel that descends to the south, below the stonemason’s home and several hundred feet further south. Graeyd suspects that the tunnel is relatively new, so the group follows the tunnel to see where it goes. They soon emerge in a larger cavern, also recently new, with a large iron door on the east side. Several dark cloaks hang next to the door.

The group decides to open the door, which opens into a large hallway that stretches to the east. Graeyd, using his dwarven knowledge of stonework, suspects that this area is much, much older than the tunnel they came in from. Suspecting that the hallway goes beneath the keep of the town’s protectors, Rufus and Burne, the group decides to hold off on investigating for a while, and leaves the tunnel.

The group then decides to investigate the rumors of a young girl in Hommlet who allegedly saw a ghost in a nearby crypt. The girl, Pell, gives directions to where the crypt is, and the group heads out.

The crypt is not too far from the town proper, it turns out. They quickly find the entrance, noticing that the door is opened just wide enough for a small person to fit through. Pushing the door open, they are startled by a loud clanging as a metal wagon wheel crashes to the floor. When nothing else happens, the group enters the tomb.

Within, they find a small, square room. On the eastern wall is a stone door that’s engraved with holy symbols and runes that tell tales of the life and bravery of the knight entombed within. When the group approaches, a ghostly form of a knight appears. It asks the party to leave, entreating them not to disturb the knight’s tomb. The group readily agrees, and leaves the tomb.

Outside, they are immediately attacked. Emerging from a nearby rocky area, a goblin riding on the shoulders of a half-ogre rushes the group. With almost comical ease, the group dispatches the pair, realizing that these are likely the culprits behind the makeshift alarm. Finding nothing else, the group heads back to Hommlet.


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